We can’t keep the Xbox out of E3 nor can we keep gaming out of the Xbox.  Microsoft just launched its latest iteration of the Xbox called the Xbox One S. What does the ‘S’ stand for you ask. The ‘S’ stands for slimmer version, but is it enough to buy a new console just for the sake of the slim version. We thought you would say no and so would we. Therefore Microsoft has got a few neat tricks up its sleeve.

All you need to know about the new Xbox One S

The new Xbox is slimmer by 40%. Yes that’s right. A whole lot slimmer. It also now sports a bigger hard disk with 2TB of space. Now you have a slimmer console with more storage what more could you ask for. You can ask for it to play HDR games. That is absolutely correct. The next gen gaming has never seemed better. This makes us drool. It also supports 4K video on Blu-Ray, Netflix and Amazon. I am certainly convinced. The USB port has been moved to the front for easy access as well. The Kinect port for your cool voice commands is now gone but Microsoft will be offering USB adaptors for it.


Even by now if you are still having second thoughts we have more for you. The ugly power brick, yes! We hated it too. That is now gone. The power supply is now integrated. Finally gheez! What took them so long like more than a decade to figure that one out for their consoles? Furthermore the new Xbox would be having an all new controller. The new controller would be lighter, smaller and will have an increased range. Finally people get to sit way back but where is the fun in that? Microsoft will let you build your controller. You would be able to choose from over 8 million color combinations and you can even have different colors for the triggers and the D-pad. The new controller is textured for improved grip.

you have a slimmer console with more storage

A special, limited edition at launch of Xbox One S will be offered in early August. A 2TB hard drive for $399 will be available. The other two standard versions would be available a little bit later: a 500GB edition at $299, and 1TB at $349.


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