Apple iPhone 7

Apple has been in the news since forever since the inception of the iPhone. They have made yet more news that has all the tech blogs going crazy. Apple is said to have their new screens of iPhone 7 to be OLED. That would make it far superior than its competition which is currently thriving on LCDs.

Apart from Sammy no one else is making OLEDs for now. Moreover many other phone manufacturers have implemented AMOLEDs in their phones like Huawei, Motorola and a few others. Apple’s new news just brings a whole lot of worry to other phone manufacturers as they would now have to up their game.

Apple iPhone 7 is said to have the headphone jack replaced with just one proprietary connector which the Moto Z has already beaten it to. This means that all your old wired headphones might not be working while your phone is connected or is on charging.

iPhone is said to have the headphone jack replaced with just one proprietary connector

Apple iPhone 7 screen

Lastly the bezel-less screen is something to look out for. The rumor is very strong for this one but we suggest you take it with a pinch of salt. This rumor might be implemented in the next iteration of the iPhone. Bezels are simply a hassle as we all know the future is a full on display for the phone. Manufacturers like Sony and Huawei are also working on reducing the bezels as it can been seen in their latest phones. In order to lead the future one phone manufacturer might have to go all out and make a full screen phone. This would also include the display covering the ear piece and the touch id. The touch id is said to have gone and it would be implemented in the screen. That would be a whole new tech all together.

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