What makes the Apple iPhone 7 every geeks must have? Is it the tech? The features? The design? Or may be all of the mentioned.  iPhone brings us all out on our streets, the catch is to become the first one to own one. Is that all that is left of us, to grab a new phone after waiting hours in lines.

Apple iPhone 7

Rumor mill Apple iPhone 7

This time around it might be. iPhone 7 is coming out to be promising as far as the rumor mill is concerned. iPhone 7 might have a base model of 32GB, furthermore it might also have two cameras in the back camera module. This means that you would have ample of space for your new 3D photos. Soon live photos will seem a thing of the past if this comes out to be true. Only time will tell how much of our geekish fetishes will Apple serve up this time around. The body is said to be slimmer this time around at 6.9mm (yawn). By far the most promising thing to keep an eye out for would be the screen. Apple is said to have improved the screen’s brightness at 600 nits. The downside for all the new shape and features is that Apple is said to have removed the headphone jack. We would be getting only one proprietary connector for all our connections. This means you cannot listen to your music on your earpods while your phone is being charged (who does that anyway). Still we had to mention it for our readers.

The not so interesting news of Apple iPhone 7

We would be getting the same processor and RAM as we got for our iPhone 6s which is the same 1.84 dual-core Twister CPU (the fastest yet in any phone) along with the same 2GB RAM.

We would highly recommend buying the iPhone 7 when it comes out. Till then stick to your iPhone 6 and 6s-es. If you haven’t bought an iPhone 6s yet then head out and buy one if you just want an internal hardware upgrade.


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