Apple has really amazed all its fans when it introduced new operating softwares at WWDC 2016. There were three major announcements  made. The first one was of iOS 10 which is going to be one of the most important launches of 2016. There were several changes made to the iOS 10. The first one was the inclusion of widgets. The widgets are located on the left side of the home screen. Once you swipe to your right from the home screen there are several widgets located. You can easily access the widgets through 3D touch.


The breakdown of iOS 10

If we had to put it in simpler words we would say that iOS 10 has the following new features

  1. You don’t need to turn on your phone to check it
  2. The default apps have new features
  3. Apple stock apps can be deleted

In order to check your phone you just need to pick up your phone. This is called raise to wake.

The music app has now being revamped. There is a whole new design overhaul. You’ll also be able to display the lyrics of each song. Those karaoke nights just got more interesting. The music app is now more cleaner and has big icons as well. Also in the control panel settings you swipe to the left and get a shortcut for your music.

There is also a redesigned lockscreen. Notifications offer more information on the lockscreen. Getting the camera ready is more easily accessible when you slide to the left. And there are new widgets when you swipe to the right. The widgets now support 3D touch. You can either reply or check notifications through widgets. Control center is completely redesigned and supports 3D touch.

Siri can do a lot more now in iOS 10. Siri can do different tasks for other apps like call an Uber or send a message in WeChat. ThE Siri SDK will be available to the developers.

iOS 10

The messages have taken a whole new look and come with new features like animations bubble effects, rich links, digital touch and also a sketching feature. Now notes can be handwritten, there’s also a feature of invisible ink. There are also tap back replies which are really quick. Emojis are now three times bigger. There’s also a feature of predictive emojis which would help you replace words with Emojis.

Messages now offer a whole lot more. There will be a separate app store for messages. Messages are now getting richer and there will be endless capabilities. You would be able to make dinner reservations through the messaging app, send GIFs or even make payments.

There’s also a new feature of Home kit. Home kit now allows you to control all homekit devices.

Maps have been redesigned and they give a better suggestion, the interface is more cleaner and simpler to use. Also maps are getting support for third party apps. The news app has also been overhauled with breaking news, notifications, subscriptions and better organization. The photos app has also been improved a lot. It can now recognize scenes, objects and faces. There is also a new feature memories that helps you tap into those photos that you might have forgotten. The keyboard on iOS 10 has also been revamped and it is now smarter. It can now make contextual predictions. Game center has been eliminated and other stock apps have been revamped as well notes, clock and phone have been updated.

This is just a brief overview of what Apple announced. As we know there are many other features that would come with the new iteration. Seems like the Apple iPhone 7 is building up to be one of the most promising prospect with the launch of iOS10.

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