iPhone 7 really sucks and here is my reason for thinking so. To start things off, removing the most used hardware part of any gadget is basically a suicide for any company but only Apple could’ve gotten away with it. We have an idea how Samsung would follow. They would probably be providing you the headphones with a USB-C connector but they would keep the headphone jack.

Just like the enclosed battery, this trend is going to catch on. Plus given the amount of data that can be transferred through the port can provide high quality music on standard pair of headphones. I guess the guys working at Apple had the ‘pair’ to make it work (pun intended). Secondly, let’s face it, we all want to move on to wireless headphones and it was just a matter of time that the world leader could change the industry. Apple is already leading with the Beats brand. This is just an overkill in the long run. Apple is covering quite a lot of industries step by step. Like Apple Pay intended to take over transactions all around the world. Making things easy and digital. Apple TV was there to take over the television industry and now with Apple music formerly known as iTunes is taking over the music industry along with Beats.

iPhone 7 FTW!

Apart from that iPhone 7 has no grand innovation to offer as well know. It is just an improvement over the previous one. This is an incremental change. Moreover this should’ve been the S model with the lack of design change. If moving antennas is what Apple want to call a design change then be it. The customers are not the dumb (maybe). In fact with incremental change and basically the same design, it is more like a waste of money. Improvements don’t get people’s hard earned money out of their pockets but solid innovations do. Moreover some iPhones have started making noises when the phone is doing something graphic intensive and headphones stop working some times when you plug them in and you can’t skip tracks, change the volume, answer calls or use Siri. Apple should’ve launched a polished product into the market. As big as the name is, it seems really small of them to release unfinished or malfunctioning products and getting money out of user’s pockets with no innovation or design change is just stealing money from your pocket.

Apple should’ve given something new rather than removing it

Apple should’ve given something new rather than removing it. When you want people to follow you have to go by their rules. Options could’ve been provided for the consumers to use the headphone jack or their lightening connector earpods.

Further the placement of stereo speakers is somewhat weird knowing that there is only one speaker at the bottom and the second grille is just for design balance. Steve Jobs always believed in practicality along with design and not design balance for a second fake grille.

Copying the HTC design language was just a part of Apple’s plan but to make it more useful could’ve solidify their approach towards copying it if not justify.

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