The second round of the current generation consoles was launched by Microsoft by launching its acclaimed Xbox One S to a largely receptive audience. Sony had to come up with its “A” game and boy did they. The uppercut once again comes in the form of a gaming console with beefed up specs. This is a hard hit to Microsoft. Both of them have targeted 4K tech this time around. The console is called the Playstation 4 Pro. The ‘Pro’ refers to the pro gamer. This is basically the up-scaled gaming experience and not native 4K but boy, does this do a good job. The up-scaling has been marvelous.

The looks are not a departure from the current design language just like its rival. It certainly does look like the meaner elder brother of the current-gen console and the slim version. It has slightly curved edges and a smoother outline. The power button and the eject button take the opposite ends of the console making you less likely to press the wrong button accidentally.

Playstation 4 Pro Tech Specs and Peripherals

The Playstation 4 is said to have the upgraded version of the same chipset by AMD. The CPU is now 30% faster down from 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz. The GPU is now more enhanced and has made a huge stride from 1.84 TFLOPs to 4.2TFLOPs. This is more than double the GPU power of the current gen PS4.

Playstation 4 Pro Black Friday

The Pro includes another USB port for the Playstation VR. The console gets rid of the Blu-Ray drive. This helped Sony lowered the cost of putting in a 4K UHD player. The WiFi speeds have said to be amplified. The console does have the capability of streaming 4K content from online services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

4K Gaming on Playstation 4 Pro with New Titles and Previously Owned Games

Playstation 4 Pro would be able to carry out your previous gaming collection very well. All of it can be transferred to the Pro console. Your previously owned Playstation 4 games aren’t going to be your loss. The list of current titles of the Playstation 4 Pro games has been launched. This includes Tom Raider, Titanfalll 2 and Last of Us: Remastered. They all look really beautiful. You will have to see to believe.

The All New PS4 Controller

The new controller is nothing different from the previous one apart from the light bar being shifted to the front. The battery of the new controller still isn’t that good as far as we can say. Sony has also allowed third party vendors to launch Pro controllers for its new console and we are already in love with them. These are the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution.

Playstation 4 Pro Price and Availability and Black Friday Deals

The Playstation 4 Pro will start at a price of $399 or £349 with 1TB hard drive. The slimmer version costs around $299.

Should I Buy the Playstation 4 Pro

Even if you won a standard full HD 1080p TV, the Pro offers a few advantages. It will offer higher frame rates, higher resolution but given the price we at wouldn’t recommend it. As for the gamers owning a 4K TV, they should definitely go for the Playstation 4 Pro version as it is only going to get sweeter from here on. If you own a 4K UHD Blu-Ray collection of movies then there is a good chance you own a UHD Blu-ray player as well since the Xbox One S just arrived to the scene.

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