Project Scorpio

PS4 Pro vs Xbox project Scorpio

Sony since the launch of PS4 has led the gaming industry annihilating its competition (yes we are talking about the Xbox). It left its competition far back like a spec in the rear view mirror but little did they know Microsoft was creating a whole new strategy. Building on power ups and came back strong with the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S was what Xbox One should have been. A slim version without the ugly power brick, a little sleek and with a 4K player. The whole package reasonably priced at $299. The catch is that the Xbox One S will only get to play upscaled games and with it, the S gets a tiny processing boost.

The PS4 Pro comes with a lot of boost, amazing specs and increased graphics performance. Not all games would be on native 4K for either of the console (we will have to wait till Project Scorpio comes). The upscaling on the PS4 Pro is amazing and we were blown away by it. If you don’t own a 4K TV then there is a little incentive for you to buy the PS4 Pro since it also supports HDR and 4K gaming. As we go by numbers, the Xbox project Scorpio will be 43 percent more powerful than PS4 Pro on paper. It totally up to the developers to use all that power. The PS4 Pro is currently selling at $400 which is $100 more than the regular version and the slimmer version.

Project Scorpio is said to have a UHD Blu-Ray player as well. With more power and a UHD Blu-Ray player, Xbox is sure to win more hearts. The project Scorpio is also said to be able to play 4K native games unlike the PS4 Pro which also plays upscaled games. The Xbox Project Scorpio is said to launch at $399 because anything above that price would be a suicide. We would say Sony has again played its cards right since they might reduce the price of PS4 Pro by $50.

The competition has never been fiercer as Xbox One S has beat Sony PS4 sales in North America for four consecutive months. With the beefed up version Sony will have a year of head start with slightly lower specs to offer compared to project Scorpio. We think that developers will develop games that would be suitable for both consoles whether it be upscale versions or 4K since the processor architecture is the same for both. Only exclusive titles will show the true power of project Scorpio. So if you are a diehard fan and would be willing to spend more money for exclusive titles then you should go for Xbox project Scorpio otherwise Playstation 4 Pro offers VR gaming, 4K gaming and better exclusive titles at a price that would surely be less than project Scorpio as history has taught us. So according to us it is the best time to buy your PS4 Pro for the holidays. The only thing going for Xbox is the Blu-ray HD player that comes with it and that too is not too much of a bargain knowing Sony is going for streaming games in the future.

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