Top 5 Phones For the Holidays! Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Holiday gift guide 2016

Apple iPhone 7

With its new look and better than ever specs, the Apple iPhone 7 is a must have this holiday season. The tech holiday gift guide cannot just do it without Apple. iPhone 7 has just what it takes to make a statement. The camera is improved, the processor and RAM have been bumped up. You can read it all in our detailed article. Buy now


One Plus 3T

Our pick among the Androids starts with ‘one’ of the finest phones to date. Yes, it is the ever affordable flagship phone that has it all. An excellent camera, great features, and fast software upgrades. You can find it all in our article. Get the best deal for Christmas.


Mate 9

The Mate series has been one of our favorite to date and the Mate 9 is no exception. The Mate 9 brings innovation, an excellent screen, one of the best battery life in the business, blazing fast processor. You can read our detailed review here. For the best price check out amazon.


HTC 10

The HTC 10 is the best phone created by HTC but what makes it great. For starters every company including Apple has copied queues from HTC’s design language. Yes those perfect antenna lines on most of your favorite phones, those were introduced by HTC. HTC lost its way for a little while but came back strong with HTC 10. Read it all here. Going for a discount on holidays


Galaxy S7 Edge

We love Samsung for taking on every tech giant in the world in every way possible. They have created the best phone with a mix of a brilliant camera, innovative (curved screen design), fast processor, great payment method built in their phones and we would never stop typing like this. Samsung is a must have this holiday season. Best of all you will be able to find a good deal from almost all the carriers since Samsung has one of the best promotions for holidays. Buy here


To sum our holiday gift guide we are thrilled with the options that we have.


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