How many times has it been the case when were able to buy your favorite concept phone? The answer is not until Xiaomi Mi Mix made it possible.

Xiaomi with its latest phone has just shaken the tech world. Why do we use such great words for Xiaomi is because we have always appreciated true innovation and nothing makes a more solid statement about innovation then innovating in the fastest innovation paced industry in the world. Yes! We are talking about the smartphone industry.

Xiaomi with its Mi Mix has changed our mobile phones forever. Now we have become more demanding in having distinguished gadgets.


The highlight is 6.4-inch, edge-to-edge 1080p LCD, 4GB RAM for the 128GB version and 6GB RAM for the 256GB version. It comes equipped with Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821, Adreno 530 graphics which is currently the most powerful processor available for Androids out there. The phone has a 16MP camera with EIS (electronic image stabilization) and a front facing camera of 5MP resolution. The battery is a whooping 4400mAh. The phone also has Quick Charge 3.0. The connection is USB Type-C.


The phone is one hell of a looker if you ask us. We were totally stunned by the technology and the design. We have always appreciated innovation. Sharp was the first one to launch a bezel-less phone with its Aquos series but it couldn’t make its mark in the phone world. Xiaomi has taken the same technology and implemented it in a very good way. It is just like the time when LG launched its touchscreen phone LG KE850 which was operated by the finger before Apple but the implementation couldn’t make its mark. It is also how a brand implements, markets and makes use of its name when launching a product.

Coming to the Mi Mix we can’t wait for Xiaomi Mi Mix to launch around the globe. It surely has the advantage of launching the phone first, before the iPhone 10th anniversary edition which is said to be a full screen panel or the Galaxy S8.

It surely has the advantage of launching the phone first, before the iPhone 10th anniversary edition which is said to be a full screen panel or the Galaxy S8.

The mobile world has never heated up so much like it has now. The competition is fierce and the stakes couldn’t get any higher than this. If you want to enjoy the new Xiaomi it is going to cost you $510 for the 128GB version and $590 for the 256GB version. The body is full ceramic and has a breakability score of 8 which is very good. For reference glass is 6 and diamond is 10. Xiaomi has also included a feature which avoids accidental touches and it works like a charm so that is well thought through.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Cool Tech

Xiaomi Mi Mix has included a “piezoelectric ceramic actuator” to deliver voice during calls. This is a mechanism that vibrates the screen and converts the mechanical signal into sound.

The other cool tech in the phone is ultrasound sensor that replaces the proximity sensor. This is placed behind the screen just like the piezoelectric ceramic actuator.

These two techs make the phone bezel-less and one hell of a head turner. Xiaomi has really taken it to the phone world and the Android phones as a whole.

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