Apple came under the spotlight when it launched its AirPods. Given iPhone 7 did not have headphone jack, AirPods were a must launch for Apple. With storage increasing rapidly and iPhone 7 128GB being the most sold iPhone 7 for the holidays, the music keeps evolving in software and hardware. Not that it was a new concept, Sammy had done it before, but the fact that it was going mainstream thanks to Apple. This led to many people arguing about a few of their concerns. Like what if you lose one of the AirPods , what if you lose the charging case.

The design of the AirPods  would not tickle everybody’s fancy but there might be a few who would like the sleek design. For us we would say that Samsung’s wireless ear phones have a better design. AirPods  look like something hanging from your ear. As if your ear buds are hanging on for their dear lives.

Even though having owned Beats, Apple still decided to launch its own headphones with the Apple logo. The in-ear design of the AirPods  is the same as the EarPods. These kind of headphones are also known as true wireless headphones with not even a single wire connecting the two of them.

The charging case that comes with them can also be used as a pocket carrying case since if you put them otherwise in your pocket you might lose one of them. The charging time is really astonishing as the headphones can be charged for up to 5 hours. The price tag is kind of a hefty one with a pair costing $160 apiece.

The AirPods sound just fine just like their wired counterpart. The sound is good enough for the price. Apart from the concern about running out of battery there is nothing else to the AirPods. Yes the dorky design is somewhat a matter of taste or brand loyalty. The battery life is good knowing you will place them in the charger which also acts as a carrying case, when you are not listening to them.

AirPods pair themselves automatically when you open the lid, and on all of your Apple devices using the iCloud. You just have to pick the audio source when you want to listen to your AirPods.

We are truly amazed with the future of ear buds and can’t wait for other Audio brands to come up with their own idea of truly wireless headphones.

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