Galaxy Gear S3 | Can Control the House Too


    The Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 is here to stay with its classic look and feel. The stainless steel body, circular buttons and brushed metal bezel has won our hearts. You will be getting two variants of the Galaxy Gear S3. One is the Classic version which has 46mm steel case weighing 57g. The dial is bigger than the Galaxy Gear S2 (44mm vs 46mm) and is quite big when it is compared to many.

    The Frontier Galaxy Gear S3 (a mouthful name) is the other variant which is focused more on fitness and exploration. The bezel in this one is raised, with rectangular textured buttons and is also heavier at 62g.

    Specifications of Galaxy Gear S3

    Both of the variants of Galaxy Gear S3 have been ruggedized and are IP 68 water and dust resistant. This means the watch can be submerged in water of up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. The Classic version offers WiFi and Bluetooth while the Frontier version offers Bluetooth or a standalone LTE version to support its new features.

    There is an option of personalizing your watch as you would imagine. You will be able to change the straps of the watch and given Samsung is the maker, there would be plenty of options given the strong presence of the brand that has led to accessory makers making more and more accessories for Samsung’s products.

    The back of the watch has optical heart sensor that measures your heart rate. It is one of the most accurate one out there.

    The watch has a speaker on the side that lets you take calls and listen to music on the go. The best part of the watch was the rotating bezel which had a several of options. Rather than the swiping of screen, Samsung has helped its users to control the watch through the bezel.

    We like the whole concept of Samsung and its watch. Stay tuned for more epic apps as third party vendors make the most out of Tizen OS for the watch.

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