Galaxy Note 8 | A New Phone with An Explosive Past


Samsung had to face a lot when they came to know that their Note 7 line started exploding. Not one or two phones but almost every phone launched was prone to exploding. This was due to the battery (an official report might be released in 2017). Due to the slimness of the battery Note 7’s battery heated up and when a Li-ion battery heats up, it is prone to catching fire or in this case exploding. Samsung however had decided to kill off their Note line until now. What we are getting to see here is the Galaxy Note 8.

The image has been circling the web and now and it seems like Samsung has not given up the hope of coming up with a new Galaxy Note 8 model. The first thing that comes to mind are all the innumerable features we would witness once it is launched. No one could have come up with a better stylus functionality than Samsung. Heck Samsung was responsible for the very term phablet once it released the big phone.

We personally would not like to see the Note line being ill-fated. We would want Samsung to come back in style with a new Note 8 and while putting in a few safety features. The best defense is attacking a problem and that is what Samsung needs to do.

Samsung is said to launch the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge in April 2017. We will get to see two brand new phones with an all new design line. The Galaxy S8 is said to support a 5 inch screen size while the Galaxy S8 Edge is said to support a 6 inch screen size. They both are said to have the same size body. The Galaxy S8 Edge is said to kill all bezels just like the Xiaomi Mi Mix and sport a 6 inch screen in the same body size.

We can only hope that Samsung comes back with all engines on full throttle and blows us away by the innovation we expect form them. There is no room left for any more mistakes as far as Samsung is concerned. A full screen AMOLED display is something we would imagine in concept phones but it seems like our wish is going to be granted. We are strongly looking forward to Samsung coming back strong.

Note line if killed would be a mojor disaster for Samsung. They need to hit back hard. Note line gained publicity (and no publicity is bad publicity as they say) and now Samsung has to bank on it with all the right features by making Galaxy Note 8 one of the most secure phones every to be built. Publicize its safety features and launch a public testing where they can live stream on YouTube their Galaxy Note 8 testing to win over their lost fans. According to a poll on a famous website, most of the Note users are still willing to buy Galaxy Note 8 given Samsung is thorough with its testing.

These things happen only once when you are such a big tech giant. There is more than 98% possibility that exploding phone fiasco won’t happen again. As for the supplier of the battery to Samsung, word is Samsung is in talks with Sony for its batteries. We have known Sony for making quality products and being one of the leaders in battery manufacturing. Sony implemented Qnovo technology in their Xperia XZ (Buy Here) line as well. Qnovo doesn’t let your battery heat up while charging and charges it without damaging it.

I have been a fan of Sony products and this is one of the reason that they always have a little extra to offer in their products in terms of innovation and every tech-savvy person like us loves extra tech in his/her products.

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