Galaxy S8

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 have already started popping up. With the Note 7 debacle, Samsung was bound to bounce back with great force. With great money comes great innovation. We have high hopes from Samsung. We are great fans of the new tech Samsung introduces every now and then and its AMOLED panels are something to die for.

We are just a couple of months away from the Galaxy S8 launch and the buildup has started and we are excited as babies looking forward to their candy. The new Galaxy S8 is said to feature all new Snapdragon 830 processor or Samsung’s in-house Exynos 8995 processor. The phone is said to have a 4K screen which would be a first for any phone manufacturer. Xperia Z5 Premium did have a 4K screen panel but only ran it in a few apps. This might be the first time that a phone will run 4K in real time and in its OS. We hope the media content keeps getting upscaled to 4K like it did in Xperia Z5 Premium. The phone is said to have 6GB of RAM and a new RAM management system that is said to take full advantage of the RAM. We hope they have 2GB dedicated RAM for the OS and 4GB for apps which will make the phone run buttery smooth. But there is only so much we can wish for.

The biggest feature the phone is said to have is the Edge to Edge screen just like the Sharp Aqous or the newly launched Mi Mix. This would also mean that we would have to bid farewell to the iconic home button on the Galaxy. This is going to be an OLED panel this time around. This means that Samsung will be revamping its flagship’s shape. This is all good news.

Another big feature is the AI which is rumored to be called Bixby. This will be the new AI assistant which will help the users to communicate with their phones. This will allow them to schedule appointments, order their food. Google also introduced its own assistant in its new Pixel phone. Now the manufacturers are headed into a new and different direction. Samsung acquired Viv labs, they are the same people who sold Siri to Apple. With the stakes high as ever for Samsung we can only hope Samsung will be putting forward its wild card to get its lost customers back.


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