Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is turning up to be one of the hottest phones of 2017. We have rumors that will just blow your mind and most of these are from sources that have the highest success rate in the past. The Galaxy S7 wasn’t short of an amazing phone in the past but as technology progresses, we are in for the best treat as consumers.

The best rumors that we have got also include a full OLED screen, yes the Mi Mix will now have competition. Given Sammy’s screen technology, we doubt it will be hardly something less of amazing that mesmerizes our senses and takes us to another world. This screen is now going to be RGB OLED screen, which means in simple English that it will have more sub-pixels per pixel. This translates into 50% more sub-pixels. This will take up a notch the picture quality by providing more sharpness.

This translates into 50% more sub-pixels. This will take up a notch the picture quality by providing more sharpness.

It is not just only the screen that will help you enjoy your favorite captured videos in an unparalleled viewing experience but also the VR. Sure, you will be able to see your favorite TV shows at night in the comfort of your cozy bed or when you are on the move travelling, but the biggest gain in VR. It will be noticeably better in your Gear VR.
The new rumor also suggests that the Galaxy S8 will not be having a 3.5mm jack just like the iPhone 7, this means that the phone can be slimmer and pack in a bigger battery. We know that killing the 3.5mm jack has already started. Manufacturers would be in favor of USB Type-C jacks which would allow more data to transfer to the headset hence reducing the loss in audio quality by a great extent. Secondly one jack being used for everything is more sensible and will provide an overall neat look to the devices. Bluetooth headphones are being worked upon like anything now since the biggest players in the industry like Apple and Samsung are going to kill the jack. So we would advise you invest in a good pair of Bluetooth headphones these holidays.

The new rumor confirms the fact that there will be not front facing home button so this means a design overhaul for the Galaxy series. We really like where Samsung is going with this. They are shifting their gears in the right direction after the Note 7 fiasco. Getting in your A game when you are the world’s most selling brand of smartphones is not a bad option. Samsung has let our imagination lose. It is not long before we get to see the most awaited Android phone in the world and get our hands on it.
One thing’s for sure! This will be my daily driver for quite some time after it is launched. Let us know in the comments below, what do you think about the Galaxy S8 rumors.

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