iPhone killer? This term has been thrown on the internet like anything but now that Google itself has officially stepped in the ring, do we get to use this term for real this time. With the new Google Pixel phones, Google has really taken the center stage in the smartphone market.

Look and feel (design)

The Pixel phones flooded the internet but now that we have the real thing in our hands it is much easy to write a candid review. It feels great in the hand once you hold it. The feel is great but it feels a lot like the iPhone 6. The fingerprint sensor is placed on the back of the phone like a lot of current Android phones. The phone feels premium and fits great in the hand. It does feel a little slippery in the hands but nothing unmanageable.

Both the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have the USB-C connection. They both have 4GB of RAM and 12MP cameras at the back and 8MP on the front. The storage choices we are given are 32GB and 128GB. Furthermore there is unlimited free storage for Google Pixel owners for their photos and videos to be stored online which means that they are going to be there forever until you delete them. Google has also managed to keep 3.5mm jack unlike its great rival Apple. It is said to have the fastest processor in an Android yet. The Snapdragon 821 will be running at 2.15 GHz at its maximum coupled with 4GB RAM that would be enough to cater to all of the resource hungry apps that are there today. The Pixel phones would be running with the latest Android 7.1 Nougat and you don’t get to suffer the boring bland stock Android experience. Rather you will have the Pixel UI which will significantly enhance your experience on the Google phone.



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