iOS 10.2

iOS 10.2 brings the iOS forward with all new features and cool tech. What do we get after the amazing overhaul of the iOS when it jumped to the iOS 10 version. There is only a little left to desire. The new update offers a few incentives for us to upgrade although we always prefer you update your phone regularly because of the bug fixes and security updates.

It has only been a month since the release of iOS 10.2 beta version and now users have the access to iOS 10.2 thanks to Apple. iOS 10.2 brings a whole new TV app to help you manage your TV experience better with the Apple TV. There has also been an addition to the emojis with over 100 new emojis to help you better express yourself. Yes this might take a while to go through all the new ones but if you use them a lot then you are in for a treat. You can enrich your messages with emojis.

The new TV app is currently available in US only which is a bummer considering there are many other countries where Apple TV is available. Apple claims with the new TV app that you have a “unified experience of accessing your favorite TV shows and movies across multiple video apps”.

All the US iTunes accounts will change the video app to TV app when the users upgrade to iOS 10.2. The TV app also lets you watch live TV by simply commanding Siri to what’s live. Siri is more TV friendly now and can resume your shows. Siri also offers recommendations too with its smart TV algorithms. This is new hands-free unified TV experience we have all been waiting for.

The Music app has also been tweaked for better and faster controls. Live photos offer better frame rates too. There are notifications now for smart home devices. This will help you not miss anything going around in your home be it smoke alarm, or your food being fully cooked.


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