Jarvis | Mark Zuckerberg’s New Personal A.I


Mark Zuckerberg has always been there to blow our minds with his impressive tech developments. With his epic press conferences to the advanced A.I of Facebook to his Iron man like computer. We say it so simply so that you might know that Mark is coming up with cool tech while we scroll through his invention of world most famous social media.

This time around Mark has come up with one of our wildest dreams. An A.I so sophisticated that Robert Downey Jr. would want it himself. Mark just created JARVIS. You read that right. Just a rather very intelligent system or JARVIS. It is capable of some truly epic stuff like controlling your home appliances, putting your toddler to sleep, play music, and recognize faces and much more.

For one it is an evolution of Amazon Echo but we would say it is much more than that. It is integrated in the house as a concept and has the heavenly voice of none other than Morgan Freeman. Yes! That was the icing on the A.I cake. Having Morgan Freeman speak back to you in his soothing voice is something we could only think of. This makes the whole experience better. Heck if it was up to us we would ask Apple to give its users an option to change the voice of Siri to that of Morgan Freeman’s.

Jarvis has shown capabilities like changing the temperature on the thermostat, turning the lights on or off, opening the gate to users, playing music and there is a lot more to it. We are wondering if Mark would let it out to the little world so that people like us would also be able to use it. We can only imagine how our lives would change once we start using A.I for our day-to-day tasks.

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