Nintendo is hitting all the notes of nostalgia and making epic revenues in the process. Nintendo was once the king of gaming, but was soon dethroned by the likes of Sega and Playstation. Now Nintendo being the innovator that it has been, has come up with a new strategy of generating huge revenues. They are launching our favorite titles on mobiles. Pokémon Go was a huge success that soared Nintendo’s shares so eventually they followed it with another one of their super hit title i.e. Mario. Mario Run is the latest and greatest from Nintendo.

Nintendo’s new strategies has done wonders for its share prices. We can only imagine what’s to come next. Legend of Zelda would be our guess. Back in the day there were only a few games that one would have a choice between and these targeted casual gamers. Mobile gamers are casual gamers and cover a broad range of demographics.

Mario Run does the same. Mario run has an always on requirement which is a big turn off for the gamer. Mario run is divided into three gaming modes. First one is the world tour. The game is divided into three levels and each level leads up to Bowzer’s castle. Then comes the boss stage to finish things up.

Second mode is the Toad Rally, which has a social dimension to it. You have to beat other players’ best performances, and come up high in the leader board.

Third mode is more of a time consuming but yet a fun one. This is the Kingdom Builder. You build your own kingdom from scratch by placing decorative elements. You can always show off your creation to your friends. Toads also come and live in your kingdom.

We certainly hope your new phones on the holidays like iPhone 7s and Google Pixels would have one or the other Nintendo game installed in it which would help you make the most of your holidays.

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