There was a time when you had to buy the best phone, you went to the store and just bought the latest flagship of Nokia. The Finnish really knew how to make the world’s best phones until Stephen Elop happened to them like cancer. Nokia since opting for the double agent Stephen Elop destroyed Nokia from its roots of innovation, software development and adaptability.

Word was back then that Stephen Elop was used as a double agent for Microsoft to push their Windows phone platform since Stephen Elop was an employee of Microsoft who went to Nokia to make it better.

Nokia then went down in the fire and we saw the mightiest phone brand fall to its knees in the battle ground. Entered was a new warrior, Apple, which then rose up as the knight and led the battle. Samsung was already on the tail of Nokia. So, Nokia had very small room to save itself. The undisputed king then fell.

Present day, Nokia has declared its plans to make its comeback in the phone arena. It will launch itself again with new smartphones and feature phones. So which software will Nokia use is the question. Nokia is handing its new faith in the hands of Android operating system which is the most sensible move we can expect from Nokia. Since it is already established as the no.1 operating system in the world, Android is the safest bet Nokia can play.

HMD is launching Nokia and they are confident that Nokia will do well given its strong background. Nokia has always been an innovator among phone manufacturers unlike the ones we get today, which are plain and simple. Now, a few manufacturers are bringing innovation to their phones and once Nokia enters the market, all hell will break lose and the competition will get fierce. Nokia has known how to make excellent phones throughout its tenure, and we expect nothing but perfection in years to come from Nokia. Plus Nokia will be an easy choice given the quality that the brand name promises and the innovation it tends to bring. Lookout Samsung and Huawei, you have just met your match.

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