Samsung Notebook 9

If you remember how Samsung has always been on Appleā€™s tail, then you must remember that Samsung came with a killer laptop in reply to the infamous MacBook Air. The Samsung Notebook 9 was one of the best Windows laptop when it was launched and now Samsung has launched its update which is even higher spec-ed than its predecessor.

Samsung has come up with new 15 inch and 13.3 inch versions of the Notebook 9. The Notebooks weigh 984g and 817g respectively. Given it is made by Samsung, the screen is amazing with edge-to-edge display that seems almost bezel-less. Samsung has used a new process which is Micro Arc Oxidation. Due to this, the laptop has better structural integrity according to Sammy.

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Both screens have a resolution of 1080p and a brightness boost for your outdoor usage with up to 500 nits of brightness. The screen has 95% sRGB coverage. CPU options include 7th generation Core i7. The battery is 30Wh, which means the laptop is good to last you about 7 hours. The laptops come with 8GB or 16GB DDR4 RAM depending on the CPU.

Unlike Apple there is a lot of functionality that Samsung is providing. The laptops come with USB Type-C port, microSD card reader and a full sized HDMI port. Now that is beauty and functionality that we hoped Samsung would provide and they have lived up to our expectations.

There is Bluetooth and WiFi on board as well. The laptop has two small yet powerful 1.5W speakers and we know that they sound excellent as it was the case previously as well.

The new laptop is one head turner and a very good option in a crowded market. Samsung is giving SSDs as standard in both the laptops which will guarantee you a snappy experience. The 7th generation Core i7s have amazing graphics performance, which is nearly as good as dedicated graphics cards that were there 2 years ago.


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