Snapchat Sunglasses! A Fashion-Tech Match

Snapchat Sunglasses

We have known Snapchat for its crazy and amazing filters, for sending those secret messages *cough* and making small epic videos. Times seem to change as Snapchat has launched its first hardware, i.e. the Snapchat glasses.

The Snapchat sunglasses case includes, the sunglasses themselves, a USB charging cable, a cleaning cloth and a charging case. The glasses are able to capture 100 snaps of 10 seconds each. It seems like the perfect holiday gift for 2016.

You can use the sunglasses by tapping the top of the sunglasses. After holding the button for 2 seconds, the recording begins and once the recording finishes the LED illuminates. When the recording finishes the light turns off. The light is also illuminated in the instances of low battery, full storage, software update or in low and high temperatures.

The way to get your hands on one of the sunglasses is equally cool. The company has placed vending machines at various locations. The price of the glasses is $130 a piece.

Once the button is pressed and the video is recorded, the videos are sent to your Snapchat app and from there on you can share or save at your discretion.

As per our review, the sunglasses last up to a day which is sufficient to capture most happenings of your life. You can’t take pictures which is a complete bummer for us, the video is grainy but we can live with that as they are to be shared on Snapchat. We admire the approach Snapchat sunglasses have taken. It is simple, cheap and the easiest piece of hardware to use. This gives other companies a chance to look at cheap options. If any brand is quick enough they would improve the camera quality, collaborate with big names like Facebook, Line, Whatsapp and etc and add innovation to it like real time viewer on the phone.

We can go on and on about how the glasses can be improved. For now this is a very cool new gadget form holidays and is readily available at vending machines.

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