BlackBerry Mercury

There was a time when you would buy the latest BlackBerry and be the hotshot among your group. That was because it represented that you were business/job oriented and you took your work seriously and everywhere you went. As time changed the world moved to Apple products and a several Android smartphones. Long gone are those days when BlackBerry would represent success. Heck they later failed to represent success for their own company now. Well Lenovo took BlackBerry back and here we are awaiting an Android BlackBerry by the name of BlackBerry Mercury (DTEK 70).

BlackBerry Mercury now represents how a fallen hero tries to get itself back up again. With its new weapons (Android) and a better devised strategy by its sensei (TCL) success surely seems to be just around the corner.

What do we have on offer is what counts. The phone on offer features the signature BlackBerry physical keyboard. The phone features a huge camera module on the top left corner as shown in the picture. This phone is rumored to have a full HD screen at 1080p resolution. The BlackBerry Mercury would carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 processor with 3GB RAM. The phone is said to have 32GB internal storage. The device is said to run on Android Nougat 7.0. One of the best part about the phone is that the finger print sensor is integrated into the spacebar. The rear camera is said to be 18 megapixels and the front snapper is 8 megapixels. The phone is said to launch in Q2.

The strategy of launching a mid-ranger with mainstream Android platform seems to be an intelligent move for now. We will have to wait and see how things go for TCL… I mean BlackBerry from here on now. There are plenty of other mid-rangers that one can get for a good bargain like the Huawei Honor 6 which you can get for a steal of a price right here.

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