Razer Porject Valerie | Three Screens On a Laptop


Remember the time when 17 inch laptops were supposed to be big. Yes! That is not that long ago. Apple redefined laptops with its MacBook Air and hence the industry followed with ultrabooks and other lightweight options. It was not until Razer Project Valerie. This laptop has three screens. Read it again now and yes we are in no mood of joking when it comes to gaming powerhouses.

So Razer entered the laptop gaming market in the recent past. It has not at all disappointed us but rather always struck our awe. Usually multi display setups are for the desktop gaming rigs but Razer in its Project Valerie. Razer Project Valerie incorporates three 4K resolution screens which are stretched to 17.3 inches. If we total it, that is a total of 12K display. The two screens automatically pop out of the back of the laptop once it is turned on. The screens position themselves to create a 180 degree view. The screens are excellent as far as we have seen at CES 2017. The colors are amazing and the picture really pops out. The wiring is internal so there is no need of being concerned about the cord or anything. The keyboard is a short-throw keyboard like on the Razer Blade which you can buy here.

The power of Razer Project Valerie is the same as the 17-inch Razer Blade pro. The laptop carries Nvidia’s GTX 1080 graphics card which is our favorite one for laptops. The laptop also has Nvidia’s G-sync technology. This helps Razer Project Valerie manage the refresh rates and output of the graphics in line on all the screens. Razer Project Valerie is surely not a thin laptop at 1.5 inches thickness and weighs 12 pounds which means carrying it is going to be a tough task.

This concept unit has not pricing as of yet. We would surely like to hear your views on this absurd invention by Razer. Be sure to give us your feedback.

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