MWC 2017 | The Biggest Arena of Them All


For as long as we have known the phone world, we know that the biggest and most anticipated event of the calendar is the Mobile World Congress. The best in business bring about their best in business to the center stage to strike your awe.

This time around this is going to be the biggest and the most technologically advanced MWC of all times. We know that for a fact since the smartphone race has taken a new turn and is back to being about most innovative rather than showcasing their incremental upgrades.

Starting things off, we will give you a foresight of what’s to come your way.


The new processors are going to come with 10nm technology. We are really looking forward to the new Samsung tech. The new processors are going to be 40% more power efficient, that means you will get nearly 40% more battery boost. The new processors are also going to be 27% faster, this will set the foundation for fast more power efficient mobile processors. Samsung has also deprived its rival LG in terms of processors by signing the first shipments for their Galaxy S8s. We love Qualcomm in terms of performance and graphics.


The rumored RAM capacity is going to be 6GB to 8GB. We have not seen any phone running Android utilizing the optimum capacity of RAM but we sure do hope that phones finally start taking advantage of such huge hardware performance upgrades. Huawei with its unique AI and Sony have made the best use of app learning to date. The most used apps are allocated most RAM since they are going to be used every now and then and the rest are put on power save until you fire them up.


We know when it comes to reading and writing, no phone can beat Samsung since they themselves produce hardware storage devices. We are expecting the base storage at the MWC 2017 to be 64GB and going up to 256GB. This means that base Android storage has once again, upped Apple’s base storage.


This is one segment that will be one of the most focused upon this year. With the success of Mi Mix we knew that other key players of the smartphone world would follow the near bezel-less design. We are sure that Apple will include its innovation but when it comes to screen, we are big fans of Samsung and Sony. Sony for their LEDs, in case you guys are wondering. Overall Samsung takes the cake and one of the biggest reasons I use a Samsung as my daily driver is because of the screen. For me good camera, audio, video and gaming carry the most weight when deciding any phone.


We are guessing the big smartphone players have saved this area for next year since there haven’t been major rumors about killer audio specs. We are hoping that players like Sony and LG will dive into this category and come up with innovation which will help them get an edge over their competitors. Let’s face it, I have never set my eyes upon a more beautiful screen than Sammy’s AMOLED.

Return of Nokia

This is my personal favorite. We are hoping to see Nokia brand make a huge wave in the MWC 2017. This is because their contract with Microsoft of not producing smartphones is over. Ex Nokia execs have returned and chosen Android as their platform to sell Nokia. That is a geekish fantasy. It has gotten our most attention and hence we saved the best for last. The biggest announcement would be Nokia 8 which will make a global launch and will have one of the most killer specs. You can read more on that here.

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