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Nokia 3310 has made a splash in the feature phone world. We couldn’t type it with a straight face though. The feature phone world is nearly finished and we know it is the time for smartphones. The smartphone users are increasing exponentially. So why would a company who has bared losses at the hands of an incompetent management be willing to make a big mistake again?

We have the answer to your raised eyebrow. Just think of how Nintendo has made waves by launching its old NES system in a new casing and banked on nostalgic value. This is one of the most successful strategy. The consumers spend money on such things since it is not that much, while the cost to manufacture such a product decreases significantly in the current day and age. So the profit margins are very good. The nostalgic feeling is at its peak knowing you are getting one of the most prized gadgets of your life in a new form at a cheap price again (€49), plus it is a reminder for the world, what made the company so great.

Enough with the technicalities, we are really looking forward to one of the best devices that ruled phone world back in the day, the phone that made you cool, Nokia 3310 that had an epic design language for its era, the phone on which you played the epic game of snake for hours and would want to play more, the phone with most iconic ringtones and if we keep on going this article would never finish.

The phone has come with an improved design language, a colored screen, reinvented buttons, and slimmer design and we don’t know if the new phone would be able to put a hole in your wall if you throw you phone at it but given Nokia’s built quality, it seems like one of the best phones ever built.

The Nokia 3310 sports a 2.4 inch QVGA color screen which is quite moderate. The phone also has a 2MP camera moreover they have included a microSD card slot as well. The new snake games is something to look forward to as well. It is refreshed and yes, it is as addictive as it was.

Here’s to hoping that Nokia helps us celebrate the world of phones with one of the most amazing phones ever to be built in history of this planet.


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