Apple Goes Red Again With A Brand New iPhone & iPad


Apple really shows a big heart with initiatives like these. Apple just announced a red iPhone. So what does the color Red signify? We were really excited on what Apple had to announce, especially with the new iPad expected to launch. Apple didn’t carry out an event but the website went down for a while and we knew straight away some of our dreams were going to come true when it was going to get back up.

Apple’s no event announcements are enough to get our hearts pumping. Apple revealed a Red iPhone 7 and Red iPhone 7 Plus. This is related to their AIDS campaign. Apple actively participates in the AIDS awareness program and has a huge charity for it. Every now and then Apple launches products whose revenue is directed towards their AIDS charity. Last time around Apple launched product RED that we covered in detail. You can read it right here.

Apple has been really loud in its initiatives and this is the first time in the history that we are getting a taste of a red iPhone. It certainly looks amazing and for the cause that it is launched, we don’t know about you guys but we are certainly going to buy one.

Apple also announced the cheapest iPad yet. The price for the new iPad is $329 which is very low considering iPads can go up to $999 (the Pro model). The new iPad has a better display and is powered by A9 chip.

Apple also announced an exciting new app called clips. The app helps you combine music, photos and video clips that can be shared through messages and social media. The app is really intelligent and can recognize people in the video. When you are about to send the video, the app suggests the people in the video as recipients. The app is available in iOS 10.3.

Apple also introduced new leather cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone SE also gets more storage options and goes up to 128GB.

Apple has been the talk of the town due to its initiative and the consumers are also winning with new color options, cheaper iPads and new cases and watch bands. It was a complete event. The only thing now remaining to see is what Apple has in store for us in March. We will be soon posting our rumor round up for Apple’s next event. Stay tuned to our website.

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