Bixby | Most Intelligent Virtual Assistant Now In Your Samsung Galaxy Phone


Since the dawn of virtual assistants there has been a lot of debate on their capabilities, from ordering stuff on Amazon, to answering questions, telling jokes, playing audio games, telling you the latest score of your favorite team to blushing when you tell it you love her (virtual assistant). Bixby is the latest in the already virtually saturated ring of virtual assistants.

Bixby sounds really promising with all the details released by Samsung in their blog post. Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google assistant have all offered the same functionality more or less but Bixby is set to change all that. Bixby is created by the developers who created Siri.

The assistants have certainly made our lives a lot easier and our driving a lot safer but due to the limited functionality there is a lot left to the imagination. Those Sci-Fi movie dreams of interacting to one’s device are still unfulfilled. That all is about to change after the launch of Bixby. Samsung has truly made it versatile by including in-app functionality.

Firstly, Bixby will work with apps. Samsung says if Bixby works with an app then it will cover all its functions. This means that you will be able to interact with individual apps without using your hands. Apps usage being hands-free means apps would be responding to our verbal requests. This will be very useful while driving, taking a bath, summoning an app, running, while wearing headphones and there are numerous instances when we would be appreciating Samsung for this feature. Other virtual assistants don’t support all the functions and features of apps currently, not even Siri.

Samsung also says Bixby will have the feature to take over your work from your current screen. There would be no need of switching any screens unlike other assistants for which you have to switch your screen altogether. Bixby will be able to take over your work as the assistant will be following what you are doing on your screen. This seems like a pretty intelligent feature and we really hope others will follow.

Finally the best part about Bixby is that it doesn’t give up (rocky style). It will not route you to whatever destination it understands but would rather dig in by asking a few questions until it can get to what you want. So no more Google search results which is the easy way for virtual assistants to get out of our questions.

Samsung is putting so much effort in its virtual assistant that they will have a dedicated button for the assistant. Apple and Google have those long press gestures but this time around there will be a physical button for you to unleash you virtual butler. Samsung is planning on taking the virtual assistant to its appliances as well. That would simply be amazing. One can get his/her work done by just talking to its appliances (we know you do that when your refrigerator is empty).

This all seems like a fantasy for now as virtual assistants have come with quite a lot of promises but failed to deliver according to our dreams. Google search results just don’t cut it for an assistant to be helpful. Setting reminders, alarms and messaging has all been done before. We are hoping Samsung really delivers what it is setting out to promise. This time around we hope Sammy has done a lot of testing.

Bixby will be available in the current flagship and onwards. Since the launch of Galaxy S8 is just around the corner, you can buy the current gen flagship that exceeds a lot of newly launched flagships the Galaxy S7 Edge more than $200 dollars less right here from this link.

Galaxy S8 has made a lot of promises in all areas, and after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco there is really a lot of pressure on Samsung to deliver a complete phone and services like Bixby are certainly going to make Samsung great again.

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