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Remember Google’s super cool apps Allo and Duo? We can’t remember them either but Google is certainly trying to push them in a direction that is going to force us to download it soon (we certainly hope so). The Google apps didn’t catch much traction as they were expected to. The new updates certainly bring a handful of features.

Among Google apps updated its photos app is by far one of our most favorite Google app. The new Google Photos app is smart and sensible to say the least. The app update will update your photos in an inferior quality on data which would use minimal data. The “lightweight preview quality” will look just fine on your mobile phone in case you were wondering. The app will detect when your phone goes on WiFi and will upload the high quality image then. This will save loads of data from your carrier and also give you the peace of mind of backing up all your photos.

Google updated its Maps app with new location sharing feature. This was teased during Android O preview. Google apps have since taken off in a totally new direction by getting everything right. Well almost everything.

Starting things off with Google Duo. This app was a huge rival to Apple’s FaceTime but since there was an abundance of video calling apps, the Duo really struggled. This all is about to change with the handy new update. The app now allows you to make audio only calls as well, so you are not stuck with the only option of making video calls. There are a lot of times when audio calls are better than video calls. For one, video calls need you to talk on speaker mode, which means crowded places are a big no unless you are carrying your headphones, one plenty of occasions you cannot just video call so most of us had deleted Google Duo from our phones. This will also help you conserve your data as an added plus. Audio calls use much less data compared to video calls as data packets that are transferred during audio calls are much smaller.

Allo was the next app to get an update. We were really looking forward to Google making its apps better. This would also help users use lesser apps which means, there would be lesser updates to make on your phone, phone storage would be saved, and a unified messaging app is best for keeping a track of all your messages. Allo will now be able to transfer files (.apk, .pdf, .docs, .zip, and mp3).

This all has was really needed if Google had to conquer or make its space in the already challenging area of messaging apps. The competition is really fierce and with the likes of Whatsapp, Line and Viber, Google really needs to get its basics right. Once the mandatory pillars are set up, Google can further enhance its apps in newer directions to increase its consumer base. We would say Google to follow Apple’s model as they have really gotten us using their new messenger app over the rest of classic apps.

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