iOS 10.3 | Faster iPhone With Neat New Tricks


If you concentrate hard on your iPhone, you will notice that your phone is running more smoothly than before with much needed extra storage space. This is due to your phone’s new iOS 10.3 upgrade. There have been much needed improvements that can be felt throughout your user experience.

There were hundreds of features that were introduced in the latest iteration of iOS and we have summarized the most important ones for you

Find my AirPods

The first feature that is find my AirPods. Knowing that you might lose your AirPods since they are first real wireless ear buds, Apple has included a much useful feature of finding your AirPods in iOS 10.3. AirPods don’t have a built-in GPS in them so the feature is not that accurate as finding my iPhone or iPad. The feature will just show you a log of the last location where you connected your AirPods. This feature is most useful if you use the AirPods quite a few times throughout your day. If you haven’t used them in a while or they get stolen then you are out of luck.

You can buy a pair of AirPods right here since they are not available anywhere else directly.

Weather in Maps

There is a nifty new feature and it is very useful that has been included in iOS 10.3. The new maps app now shows you weather forecast. All you have to do is 3D touch the maps app and voila, the pop-up will show you weather forecast.

App transitions and animations

You will save several seconds of time when using your phone. This line doesn’t seem as catchy as saying you will have a faster and smoother experience when you update to iOS 10.3. Apps now open and close much faster. They also have more rounded edges. This all makes your overall experience slightly different and much better.

Apple ID profile

There is a new tab in the settings menu right at the top. This is based on a single page and has all the information like App store settings, security settings, payment information, family sharing settings and much more. The most important thing about it is that it displays all the Apple devices you are signed in with.

New file system

By far the biggest debate on the internet is about Apple’s new file storage system. The new file storage system offers quick data reading speeds than the current one. The new file storage system being used is Apple File System (APFS) instead of HFS+. APFS has its perks and is enhanced for NAND flash storage which makes file access quicker and encryption is more secure than before.

Podcast widget

Your widgets panel got a new upgrade. There is a new Podcast widget now and this will be much appreciated by users who regularly listen to Podcasts.

Security fixes

iOS has introduced hundereds of security fixes. These fixes are very important as main exploits have been addressed.


Siri now supports bill payment and car booking through apps. This makes Siri the first virtual assistant to support bill payments.

So all in all the iOS makes your iPhone and iPad faster, secure and more easy to use

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