Nokia 8 | The Biggest Comeback In Tech History


You just can’t stop Nokia from making a comeback into the smartphone arena. Foxconn and HMD are adamant to prove to the world that Nokia isn’t dead just because of a few bad years. We say it like that because Nokia has been trying to get back in the mobile phone leaderboard for quite some time now but due to its contracts with Microsoft, it couldn’t. Now given a free hand Nokia is making a huge splash by producing great looking handsets. Moreover Nokia is going to produce its own Snapdragon 835 processor flagship phone known as the Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 is going to hit the sweet spot by giving its users plenty of screen real estate. Yes! You read that right, Nokia 8 is targeting the phablet category with its 5.7 inch screen. Rumors are the panel would be an AMOLED one. The screen is going to come in QHD (1440 x 2560) resolution, which should be more than enough since apart from Sony no other brand in the world is offering 4K resolution on a phone.

We are not sure if the panel would be HDR, but certainly brands are going towards HDR displays. HDR (High Dynamic Range) tech is supported in videos now as well. The phone will pack 64GB storage and will have a microSD card slot which will support storage up to 256GB.

The camera department is really interesting, the phone will pack a rear camera with a resolution 24MP and the front facing snapper would be 12MP. We are really expecting something new from Nokia in the camera department.

The phone will be running on Android 7.0 Nougat. Nokia is going with stock Android UI right now which we think is the best move they can make. This will help Nokia establish its footprint in the Android market with least room for error. Purists will find this the best Android experience. They heavy launchers will not be affecting the speed of the phone like Samsung’s phones.

The battery is going to be ginormous at 3999mAh capacity. This will power the phone for more than a day. Nokia has really made the best moves we could imagine by giving stock Android UI and powering its phones with the best specs. Snapdragon 835 processor is said to conquer most of 2017 flagship phones so it is just a matter of which brand gets there first. For now Sony is leading with its best phone of MWC 2017 award which went to Sony Xperia XZ Premium as we have mentioned it in our detailed article.

We wish Nokia the best. They are certainly making all the right moves to make the biggest comeback in the history of mobile phones.