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What comes to one’s mind when they hear the brand Oppo, probably the word “selfie” clicks one’s mind. This is because the brand has targeted consumers based on its selfie taking features. Oppo has really evolved and taken the world by storm. It is in the top 5 list of bestselling smartphone brands of the world and the main feature Oppo has evolved around is the camera and Oppo F3 Plus is here to prove just that.

After a huge demand in camera phones, many brands that were new to the industry came and failed to make a big name for themselves. What they lacked was the knowledge of the fact that camera would be one of the most important parts when consumers decided their smartphone apart from its price. With a world of narcissistic people and people who want to capture special moments with their loved ones, the front facing snapper might be biggest selling point. Even for connecting via video calls, the most important aspect that matters is the front facing camera. There is no doubt that we all love taking selfies and that Oppo has hit the right chord of our hearts when marketing its smartphones to the world.

Oppo F3 Plus is the latest addition in Oppo’s arsenal of epic camera phones. The selfie king, as we put it, has dual front facing cameras. Yes, that is absolutely correct. Two front facing cameras that work simultaneously. There is a wide angle lens to capture all people in the picture. The field of view (most important thing when considering a wide angle lens camera) goes up to 120° at 8MP, which for us is the sweet spot as far as field of view is concerned. After our rigorous tests, we have come to the conclusion that 120° field of view is the sweet spot for front facing cameras, hence even after such a long time many brands do not exceed this field of view sweet spot.

The selfie king as we would put it, has dual front facing cameras

The second camera is a 16MP snapper for those high-res selfies and this camera has a regular field of view. So, if we do the math, this means that 16MP camera would be capturing one or two person selfie which would be more crisp than the wide angle ones.

The rear camera is a 16MP module. The sensor is the same as Oppo R9s, with Sony IMX398 sensor size of 1/2.8”. The aperture is f/1.7. The focusing tech used is dual pixel focus which is very quick and precise. The main camera has a dual-tone flash which balances warm and cool light to give you that perfect shot indoors or at nights.

Oppo has made the Oppo F3 Plus with a six string antenna which makes the phone aesthetically pleasant and muscles it up with strong reception. Oppo F3 Plus has a cinema big screen for a phone at 6 inches with 1080p resolution. Best part about this phone also is its contemporary design with sub-2mm bezels on the sides. The phone’s screen is guarded well with Gorilla Glass 5. There is a huge battery to provide juice to the phone for more than a day. Battery capacity is 4,000mAh. Oppo also has its own fast charging tech called VOOC that competes with Qualcomm’s QuickCharge.

The phone is really promising and given it’s an Oppo phone with midrange specs apart from the camera it is not going to be pricey at all. If you want a previous version of this phone then we would suggest you go for Oppo R9s which you can grab dirt cheap right here.

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