Essential Phone | Galaxy S8 Killer


Essential is the phone that is about to revolutionize phones or maybe Androids forever. Andy Rubin the co-founder of Android released a picture of a phone with infinite display on Twitter and geeks, tech lovers have since been going crazy around the world. We finally have substantial details on the phone itself.

The time has arrived when phones would just consist of huge infinite displays (more on that in the article). The displays were and are the most important selling point for most phones. Since it is the most used hardware of the gadget altogether. You might not notice it but display has a huge impact on the overall experience of your daily use. Just think of it like this how many times have you watched a whole episode of your favorite TV show on your phone. It would directly depend on your phone’s display and battery life. To put the argument to rest Android co-founder has come up with the best and most obvious solution to phone displays. The answer lies in bezel-less displays. Previously Mi Mix had made headlines across the entire tech world by being the first mainstream phone with almost a bezel-less display.

The phone is named Essential and we really hope it becomes essential for all of the gadget geeks out there to get their hands on one of these bad boys. The power is sufficient as the phone is rumored to be powered by none other than Snapdragon 835, which is the best processor in the market. The RAM is on the ordinary side but still good for 2017 flagships since Android doesn’t need 6GB RAM and 6GB RAMs consume more power. Essential will be carrying 4GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. Internal storage is on the lower side and we expect Essential to have at least 32GB of in-built storage.

Essential’s cameras are to be 12MP on the rear and 8MP on the front. We are hoping that the camera quality with be on par with iPhone 7’s. Resolution on Essential is 1312×2560 which is rather nice and up with current day flagship phones. It seems like Andy Rubin has made what we had been waiting for. Will the new phone overshadow the likes of Galaxy S8 or will Samsung continue to lead the Android pack. It shall all be revealed to us soon.

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