Facebook F8 | Leading The World To A New World Of Tech


Facebook has a one of kind event where Mark gives the forecast of technologies to come. It is one of the most advanced conferences in the world. The event is a means to serve as a launching pad for upcoming features that are said to rule the internet in their respective domains. There were a lot of interesting announcements of which we have shortlisted the most exciting one’s for you.

AR studio

The next big advancement in social media is augmented reality and if you are not sure about it then you should see how Snapchat has taken over your social media habits in the recent past. Instagram has copied those features but Facebook isn’t going to stop at that and that’s why Facebook has announced that it will be launching an AR studio for developers that will be the biggest jab to Snapchat.

This is by far one of the cleverest moves of tech industry. Facebook, without investing in sophisticated tech will be using people to develop AR for them. This means that developers will be working tirelessly for the next big AR feature. Imagine pointing at a building and getting all the details about it (like Sony had done very poorly) or pointing at a mall and getting to know the promotions going on. These are just a few but in reality the capabilities are endless.


The messenger is doing more and more every day. Messenger is getting new features as we breathe each breath. It is that fast. Numerous features are being added to it in an effort of Facebook is trying to make it compulsory for users to use it.

Now with more integrations, Facebook wants you to chat and buy tickets, share a ride or make dinner reservations right from the app without leaving. All this sounds nice but most people really find the Facebook messenger annoying. According to us Facebook should add games in the messenger as well to make it complete and attract more crowd towards it. For now Facebook messenger needs a more appropriate redesign so that people find it easy and less annoying to use.


Facebook is really taking the social media game by the horns and it is developing newer ways of making people spend more time on social media. The latest effort comes in the form of VR where you can hang out with your friends in a virtual world as you and your friends will be represented by avatars. In this world you can play games, hang out, share photos and also take selfies. This is quite a lot of social media on our plate but we are liking the direction in which things are going.


We have saved most boring for last. This is for businesses and offices. People will have cloud storage, easy and quick file sharing and other tools that will make people more productive in their workplaces. Facebook has the workplace free right now but will be charging for it in the future.

We really like the direction Facebook has taken. It is innovating in directions that were unimaginable before. Facebook is actually leading technology in a newer direction and making the most of current gen tech.

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