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Facebook messenger has been exploding with new features, most of them of which are copied, I mean borrowed from other famous apps (*cough* Snapchat). This has been the trend but Facebook has also gotten a few tricks of its own. The new features take on Apple’s message app that actually revolutionized texting on iPhones and iPads.

Facebook messenger has added reactions to its messaging as well now. Before that, reactions were introduced to Facebook’s ‘like’ button. This led a lot of people to richly express their ‘reactions’ without having to comment long sentences. Facebook messenger is trying to be the ultimate messenger and it is covering huge grounds in order to do that.

Now you will be able to react to a single message in your thread. This will certainly make conversations richer, more expressive and add that fun element to messengers that is lacking. Stickers have done a fairly good job but reactions are animated and richer. To add a reaction to a message press and hold a message, options of reactions would then appear. You can choose from an array of emojis love, wow, sad, angry, yes and no. Yes and no reactions can also be interpreted as like and dislike respectively given that the symbol is thumbs up or thumbs down.

All the reactions can be found in the lower corner of your messaging screen. You can see who has reacted and how they have reacted. If your messenger is closed then you will get a notification that someone has reacted to your message. The notification would not say how someone has reacted but would let one know if they got a reaction or a message. Facebook has given the liberty to react to animations, GIFs, messages, images, stickers, videos and even other emojis. You can react in groups as well.

Mentions were a feature introduces in Whatsapp and that made our lives a whole lot easier. ‘Mentions’ helped us address a specific person in those ever so crazy Whatsapp groups. This very useful feature has now been implemented in Facebook messenger as well. When you press “@” a list will pop-up of the recipients of the chat, you can then chose the person you want to address in specific. The notification of a mention would be different as well stating that someone has specifically mentioned you in a chat.

We really like these new useful features. It seems that Facebook is making strides in providing its users with the ultimate messaging app. We are delighted that such useful features are being implemented in Facebook messenger. In the direction Facebook is going, we will soon come to know that Facebook has come up with a breakthrough feature to revolutionize the way we message.

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