After HTC failing miserably for quite a few times when it launched its flagship phone iterations, HTC is planning on making a strong come back with HTC U. We all can agree that HTC in a way shaped our modern day smartphone. They were the first brand to make an Android phone, so they are pioneers of it. Where did they go wrong is the question. They laid all the necessary foundation of our modern day gadgets and yet failed to capitalize on their dream start. Even Apple at one point or another took a few queues from HTC in developing what is now known as the best consumer gadget in human history.

So, coming to the current era, HTC after all its losses has now tried to turn the tables. It did when it launched HTC M7. HTC won design of the year award 2 times in a row for the same smartphone. Now HTC is all set to launch what is expected to be a revolutionary phone. We know HTC is good with introducing new tech and has never shied away from being the first one to implement it. With HTC U it is doing just that.

The screen on HTC U is said to be Gorilla Glass 5 with a resolution of QHD 1440×2560 at 5.5 inches. Tech used will be S-LCD which we love and adore. S-LCD is HTC’s screen tech that competes right at the top with the best panels like LGs’, Sonys’ and Samsungs’. HTC has never had a problem with its S-LCD.

Under the hood lies real power and the best processor is what we ought to find. HTC U will be powered by Snapdragon 835 (currently the best in business). GPU is said to be Adreno 540. RAM will be 4GB/6GB with 64GB/128GB storages respectively. The phone will be backed by a 300mAh battery. HTC U is said to support QuickCharge 3.0. HTC U will follow Samsung’s path by not including any home button on the front screen panel, it would be on the back. Front panel will have small bezels just like LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is supposed to be the most advanced feature yet on any smartphone as far as audio is concerned

There will not be any headphone jack but there will be a USB Type-C port connector. HTC is introducing new audio technology where the headphones will alter the sound according to a person’s unique ear canal shape. This is supposed to be the most advanced feature yet on any smartphone as far as audio is concerned. We can’t wait to see it in action.

HTC is also including a feature called HTC Sense Link, this will make notifications appear on your computer screen. So while you are using your computer, no matter where your phone is, you are bound not to miss any important notification during your hectic business schedule or a gaming session.

The phone will be running on Android 7.1 covered in HTC’s ever so useful skin. HTC won’t be launching any of its own virtual assistant like Samsung. It will be using Google’s assistant to run by you errands ever so effectively. HTC U will support Google Day Dream for virtual reality.

HTC U will have 4 microphones, so noise cancelling will be class leading and sound clarity (main feature ‘phones’ were meant for) would be astonishing to say the least. While recording a video two microphones will capture stereo sound while the other two microphones will help with noise cancellation. There will be a mode of 3D sound which will help capture surround sound while video recording. There will also be an edge sensor on the phone. When the user would press the phone’s edge, the phone will run the camera, launch Google assistant or run other functions using one hand.

HTC U really sounds promising offering new tech that we haven’t seen or heard of before. You can buy their previous flagship for less than half of launch price here. HTC U’s new technology implementations mean that the gadget will have an advantage that others won’t and if it becomes a hit then the company would take off and the industry would have to follow.

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