Imitation was the best form of flattery, but not in the tech world as we have seen it over and over again. Companies that copy other brands tend to fail without their unique selling point but that has not been the case with apps. Yes, it is another story of instagram copying one of its biggest rivals and taking the cake in the process.

First, let’s discuss what makes instagram so powerful. Is it their parent company Facebook or is it the huge number of user base? If you guessed these two reasons then you are right. We can’t help but wonder how does instagram get away so blissfully with its imitation? The answer is, because of the huge finances of Facebook, instagram is able to quickly copy and implement the required trending features of most popular social networking apps. Secondly, due to its large consumer base, those features quickly catch traction among most of the users and hence it quickly becomes a hit and makes it the preferred app among many users. Recently, instagram copied Snapchat’s disappearing message feature which lets messages be deleted in whatever form they are, whether it’s a video, photograph or text. Plus, instagram now also has geo stickers just like Snapchat. That is quite a lot of copying that is going on with instagram.

Now instagram has made another move to move you away from another favorite app of yours. This time the bullet is directed towards Pinterest. You can now make folders of each category you like, whether it is tech, foodporn, fashion, art or travel. Instagram is now trying to make one unique app that caters to all your social media needs so that you don’t have to jump to different apps. Instagram has named the new feature collections and it differs from Pinterest by making your collections private.

This will help users organize their collections since there is a lot of stuff we like and organizing it was the only logical step and a step in the right direction. Your collections of style, memes, home décor, fashion and fitness models can now be easily sorted with the best ones stored in your collections for later viewing in an organized form.

We really hope Instagram comes up with something new of its own as well to make the app more unique and not just a copy of multiple apps or maybe that is what it makes it unique. We would love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below.

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