One Plus 5 Rumors Flagship Killer| More Than 5 Reasons To Kill The iPhone


One Plus 5 rumors got us all switching our flagship devices for the One Plus series. This has been the trend for quite some time now and One Plus doesn’t seem to stop over there. Today we have got all the rumors of One Plus 5 which will be the next phone by One Plus. The reason One Plus is jumping to 5 directly is because of the superstition that the number 4 brings bad luck. We heard the same stories during pre-launch of Playstation 4 as well but Sony didn’t change it.

One Plus 5 is going to be launched yet again to spoil us in terms of specs and its cheap price. One Plus has made a huge name for itself in a very short span of time due to its price. One Plus is really a concern for major big players like Samsung, Sony and Apple.

One Plus 5 rumors suggest it is said to be driven by the greatest processor of 2017 the Snapdragon 835. The storage options are as absurd as the processor bringing you immense power with 6GB of RAM. Storage will be standard across all versions at 256GB. Phone juice will be provided by a 3000mAh battery which we think is kind of small for a phone this powerful. Do keep in mind guys, a big RAM requires juice too and a fast processor would be needing juice. Oxygen OS is a pretty good UI but until it can balance the load of apps on priority biases, we think 3000mAh will just fall short of your full day of need. The phone will have a 5.5 QHD screen. So far the screens on One Plus devices have been excellent and One Plus 5 will be no exception. One unique thing about this flagship phone will be the device’s thickness which will be at 7mm. This is pretty thin given the specs.

One Plus has been one of the best devices and each year it scores high on our reviews. If you want to buy current gen One Plus 3T at the best price, you can buy it right here. We have found the best price just for you. We guarantee  that once you experience One Plus 3T, you will forget your Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 7.

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