Spotify Going After Apple Big Time


How many times have you heard of Spotify and their hardware business? Exactly, neither have we, but this time around Spotify is planning on launching its hardware products now. These will be primarily based on music like headphones, music player or a smart Bluetooth speaker.

Spotify has really taken to Apple especially after Apple bought Beats. Apple and Spotify have been locking horns to be the number one music streaming service in the world. Spotify has really made its mark and they are looking forward to enhance their offerings now in other departments.

Apple, since buying the Beats brand has really started dominating the music industry. Steve Jobs’ contribution to the music industry has by far been one of the biggest. He made the iPod which revolutionized the way we listened to our music. Itunes changed the way we downloaded our songs and/or streamed them. Now with Beats being the most used brand for headphones, Apple has now once again played its ‘A’ card.

Spotify was the new kid on the block with its streaming service, but it took the world by a storm due to its intelligent predicting algorithms, great quality music, up-to-date library and very reasonable rates. The battle was intense but now it’s even more intense. While Apple is now working on a Siri powered speaker to take on Google Home and Amazon Echo. Spotify is looking to start things off in the same direction.

We are really eager for something good to come out of Spotify labs even if the collaborate with big guns like Sony, Samsung or any other big brand to get off the line. We suggest Spotify should come up with something more innovative to make its mark in the tech industry as it is one of the most ruthless industries. Spotify will need a 3 year plan to stabilize their hardware business. This really seems interesting especially after knowing that Spotify will be going public this year.

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