Xiaomi Mi 6 | Goes One Up On iPhone 7 & Galaxy S8


Xiaomi just dropped the bomb in tech world by announcing its Xiaomi Mi 6. This comes as a successor to Xiaomi Mi 5 which was a sensational hit. Xiaomi is also called ‘Apple of China’ due to their innovation and quality. On top of all that, Xiaomi offers the most economical prices for their phones and gives you the best tech.

Xiaomi has included the most powerful processor there is currently which is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. This along with 6GB of RAM screams power in the most obscene way known to gadget geeks. Mi 6 does not compromise in other aspects either. Xiaomi has taken a totally new strategy for design quality and design language. They have come up with new design language since the competition has been fierce given the sleek and sexy designs of Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XZ. Xiaomi has stressed that Mi 6 has been precisely crafted like a wrist watch. Mi 6 has a curved glass on the front and the back is made of stainless steel frame. The polish on Mi 6 takes 12 days and 40 processes to complete. Well it certainly looks like an onlooker. One thing is for sure, when you have it in your hand, you will definitely enjoy using it. The finesse is impeccable. Xiaomi claims that it has aligned the sim tray and antenna lines making the phone Align Design Concept.

Fingerprint scanner is placed under the front glass and is resistant to splashes like the whole phone. The phone carries dual cameras both at 12MP. There is a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens. Telephoto lens offers 2X lossless zoom. The phone has binocular stereoscopic vision imaging and depth learning algorithm which refine the edges in photos. Mi 6 camera has 4 axis stabilization, phase detection and anti-shake for clear refined pictures.

Mi 6 does not carry a headphone jack and only a USB Type-C port. The phone has a 5.5 inch screen at Full HD (1080×1920). Maximum brightness of screen is 600 nits, which by today’s standard is pretty good. The front camera is 8MP. Mi 6 is powered by a 3350mAh battery. There are front facing dual speakers for the ultimate outdoor audio experience. Mi 6 runs on the new version of MIUI. It is the first phone by Xiaomi with Bluetooth 5.0.

We are super excited with this new offering. XIaomi, as always has made a huge mark with the Mi 6.

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