Another Day Another Feature Of Snapchat Copied By Instagram


We have been hearing about Instagram copying Snapchat for the longest time and this time it is no different. What is worse is that instagram has plenty of users already due to huge backing of Facebook. Every Facebook user automatically gets an Instagram account. On top of that Instagram has been there before Snapchat hence it had already built a user base.
Work seems to be going in Instagram’s head office of ripping off latest features of Snapchat. We can only imagine how users will respond to it. As purists, many users will not leave Snapchat’s side any time soon but the way things are going, the day isn’t far when Snapchat will have to close down its offices.
Instagram has now copied the latest filters of Snapchat, where users have augmented reality masks on their faces. We still think there is a lot to tap in the market for Snapchat, like being live in a video that wouldn’t repeat itself. Instagram has already rolled out live video feature which would keep the live video for 24 hours.
Snapchat is surely having a hard time with Facebook’s resources copying all of its features one-by-one. Facebook launched its open source VR labs for developers, with the help of it many developers would be able to develop filters for Instagram and Facebook. This will be a final nail in the coffin for Snapchat after which we assume Snapchat would be one of the biggest case studies in tech history.
The rise and fall of Snapchat brings a lot of questions to one’s mind. Are there no laws to protect Snapchat’s intellectual property rights or provide it royalty? Is this hostility of copying of tech giants going to keep other app developers from developing new apps and running it themselves?
This is a world of biggest tech companies rising to the top and then falling. The quicker they rise, the faster they fall. Tech companies are becoming the biggest brands and brand wars are getting more intense. Big giants are making it difficult for smaller players to survive. Only time will tell if Snapchat will survive the way things are going.

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