Galaxy Note 8 | The Best Phone In The World Is Coming Back


Galaxy Note 7 had an explosive start and hence it had to be discontinued, but Samsung didn’t stop right there. Galaxy Note series as we know it has been the pioneer in introducing big screen phones that eventually took over the world and became mainstream so-much-so that even Apple had to bow down to the idea of a big screen phone. Which brings us to current day, where Samsung announced Galaxy Note 8 will be launching by this year’s end.

Galaxy Note 7 faced an ill fate, but Samsung has made sure that this isn’t the case with the Galaxy Note 8. They have implemented various testing procedures to test out their phones now especially regarding the heating issues. Galaxy Note 8 is said to be world’s most advanced phone to ever launch. This might be due to the fact that Samsung now has two consecutive years to plan it and the fact that the Note series always has its own X factor that cannot be matched by other phones, even the iPhone for that matter.

Galaxy Note 8 is said to be world’s most advanced phone to ever launch

Galaxy Note 8 is said to have a full screen display just like the rumored iPhone 8. A full screen display is only possible if the home key is either embedded in the front screen panel or moved elsewhere like in Galaxy S8. Also for the first time ever Samsung is said to launch the dual-camera setup. This is astonishing as Samsung and Apple have their own implantation of every feature. We are really big fans of Huawei P10’s Lecia branded dual-cameras. We don’t know yet what Samsung might bring with their dual-camera setup. LG has one wide-angle lens and one normal-angle lens for their dual-camera setup. Huawei has one camera that captures black and white picture and the other camera module captures a colored picture and combines the two for optimal contrast. As for Samsung we are really looking forward to an all new feature with their dual camera setup.

The screen will be dual-edge curved which will bring the sidebar into play as it is with the edge displays of Samsung. There are big camera rumors too, the dual camera setup is said to have dual OIS and 3x optical zoom. We are already huge fans of Samsung’s pixel focus tech which will come in this setup.

Sumsung is heating up the competition as rumored. The Note 8 will come with Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM along with 256GB internal storage. That is surely an overkill. The screen is said to be the first 4K AMOLED ever to be produced. Rest of the specs are carried forward and some taken from Galaxy S8 like the Bixby button, 3.5mm jack, USB-Type C. As for the Note series there will be a slot to keep the S-pen.

We are really hoping that our favorite line of phone would not be discontinued. Big companies do make mistakes like iPhone 4’s antenna gate but that wasn’t harmful for the users like the exploding battery was. Samsung has apologized and suffered billions of dollars in losses. It is safe to say they would take every measure and not leave any stone unturned to avoid making such a mistake again. All of us have our eyes set on Galaxy Note 8 for now.

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