HTC U 11 | Most Innovative Flagship Comeback


HTC U 11 is the sexiest new phone by HTC which has helped HTC make its mark in the mobile industry. This new device has all what it takes to be a great flagship and more. HTC has always been good with introducing new tech in its mobiles. It is safe to say that HTC has been leading from the front when it comes to introducing new tech.

Life for HTC as a company has been tough for the past couple of years. HTC had really lost its footing in the mobile industry after the flop phones it launched. HTC tried to convince the world that the megapixel race would be over soon and 4MP primary camera was enough, but HTC didn’t have that blind loyalty that Apple enjoys from its fans. It is only a company like Apple that can kill an audio headphone jack and make the industry follow with the likes of HTC following it up by removing a headphone jack from all its latest high-end phones. HTC certainly loves to be leading the innovations departments.

It is HTC’s award winning design that was replicated by most of the phones and HTC U 11 will be no exception. HTC U 11 has a mirror back which looks as if it was a concept gadget out of a James Bond movie.

The phone has top-of-the-line specs when it comes to being a 2017 flagship. Starting things off with the best flagship processor of 2017, HTC U 11 carries the infamous Snapdragon 835, it has 4GB of RAM with 64GB internal storage and 6GB RAM with 128GB internal storage, the phone is powered by a decent 3000mAh battery which supports QuickCharge 3.0. Audio is worth a mention as HTC U 11 has 4 mics dedicated for 3D audio recording, Boom sound for that extra kick (HTC has the best audio quality among phones). The phone carries a 12MP UltraPixel rear camera with RAW capture, OIS and dual-tone LED flash. The selfie cam is a 16MP camera. The main new innovative feature is the squeeze feature, which is also called the Edge Sense feature.

HTC U 11 has embedded pressure sensors in its edges that register your squeeze. The user can map the squeeze to launch any function. The squeeze can be a long one or a quick one. This can be really helpful like if you have to fire up your camera or turn on the flashlight with a squeeze. There will be more functions as the updates come and we have yet to see how the users respond to this feature and whether it is just a gimmick or a really useful feature.

With the likes of Samsung and Apple strengthening their grip on the mobile industry everyday by introducing new features that are adopted by their huge user base, it is players like HTC, Sony and other major big mobile manufacturers who have to come up with a breakthrough feature in order to shift the paradigm in their favor.

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