Amazon Dash Wand | A Smart Assistant & Much More


If you were imagining having a handy digital assistant (as if phones were not enough) then you are in luck. Amazon has launched its Dash Wand which is a digital assistant that can do way more than any other digital assistant can. Amazon launched the Dash Wand before but it never took off the way the company had imagined.

This time around thanks to the success of smart digital assistants, Amazon has launched the Dash Wand again and this time they have incorporated the digital assistant with in. Previously, Dash Wand came with just a barcode scanner and would deliver goods at your doorstep once you scanned those items’ barcodes. The items would then be delivered by Amazon to your doorstep. This was used by just a few Amazon fresh users.

This time around Amazon has changed all that. It is still a very useful barcode scanner to order products that you like through Amazon but Amazon has also incorporated its Smart Assistant as well. This means, you will be able to scan items and order, ask questions to the smart assistant Alexa and on top of that control the appliances at your home. You will be able to stick the want on the refrigerator as well. So, there is no misplacing the wand unless you try really hard. One can also ask recipes while cooking and control appliances via voice commands without moving.

Alexa is the same brilliant smart assistant that is also comes in all Amazon Echo devices. The smart assistant is also able to play games. We have done a thorough review of Alexa along with Echo in our article which you can read right here.

With the increasing demands of households and people finding more and more convenient ways for shopping, Amazon has really catered to them in a big way. Dash Wand seems like the magical digital assistant we were looking for especially with its ability to scan items and place an order through Amazon. This is probably the most convenient way to purchase items and especially regular grocery.

We hope this time people find Dash Wand more useful with Alexa built in. The best time to buy the Dash Wand is now as it costs only $20 and you get $20 credit on your next purchase, so it is virtually free. For now only Amazon Prime users will be able to purchase it before it is rolled out for everyone.

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