Apple’s Yet Another Game Changer Tech For iPhone


Remember all the rumors you heard of the iPhone 8 or the 10th anniversary iPhone 10, yes, neither do we remember all of them since they were truckloads but the benefit of a leading tech news blog is that you get all the insights and rumors through authentic sources thus giving readers like you a 99% accurate prediction as our records have been in the past.

The latest trend that is said to takeover smartphones by the end of this year, is having very small or no bezels at all. This all leads to a hell of technological advancements to be made to the hardware. It is not like fitting in a big screen and voila, everything will look prim and proper but rather everything has to be dealt with in such a way in order to avoid nuisance for the user. So the biggest question in place when developing an infinite display (a screen with almost no bezels) was to keep the home button in its iconic place and creating an infinite display along with it. Xiaomi Mi Mix was the first phone launched internationally which supported an infinite display given it had the fingerprint at the back of its body. We know that Apple does not compromise and pushes the envelope in its own sort of way which the industry then follow.

Today Qualcomm just announced that it has developed a technology that is able to read fingerprints through the display. Samsung Galaxy S8 had to move its iconic (copied from Apple) physical home button to the back of the phone in order to support a nearly infinite display. Apple on the other hand, as rumors have it, is also trying to embed the fingerprint sensor in the screen of the iPhone 8 to achieve a full front panel display.

So the Qualcomm sensor was somewhat slower than the existing fingerprint scanners which it exhibited at the Shanghai Mobile World Congress. There are a few string attached in order for Qualcomm’s tech to work. The display has to be OLED. The thickness of the display cannot be more than 0.8mm. Bulk production would not start before July 2018.

This clearly means that Apple has an open road to prove itself in terms of pushing the envelope of this tech. We can’t wait to see what new tech Apple has in store for us this fall.

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