Atari Is Launching An All New Powerful Console


Atari was the founder of mainstream gaming consoles. We cannot mention gaming consoles without giving credit to Atari and Nintendo. Atari was the first console for the living room of the masses. It has been decades since Atari has been out of the console business. Heck, no one predicted that Atari would make a comeback to hardware business given the sheer competition of Xbox and Playstation. It is hard to imagine any company would enter the console battlefield since the three big giants (Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox) have their hold on gaming industry,

Atari just launched a 20 second trailer, which gives no detail but seems like a teaser. All we get to know from this teaser is a piece of hardware that resembles the original Atari lines. Being the pioneer of home and arcade gaming, we can’t say after 20 years Atari would enjoy the same recognition from big gaming franchises. Now a days, gaming is about sheer power especially with Sony and Xbox pushing the envelope with 4K HDR gaming.

Titles are a big sell too as we witnessed at E3 that Sony simply took over Xbox once again with impressive and must have titles. Titles are what can make or break the console. For Atari, they need to streamline the developers before launching their console.

Coming to the controller. This is also a big sell for consoles as there has been debates on which is the perfect controller which Sony seems to have cracked the code. If anything, new competition will bring out the best among consoles. Our advice to the big three (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) is to not take the competition lightly especially if the competition is the pioneer of gaming. We saw how Wii, at one point in time led the competition. The competition for ruling your living rooms is heating up.

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