Google Pixel 2 | Google’s Jab At iPhone 7 Plus


Google Pixel 2 is rumored to be one of the most desirable phones to be produced in 2017. This is also because the phone will be manufactured by a new OEM. The current version of Google Pixel didn’t really take off the way it was expected to. Maybe this is because we were really attached to Nexus line of phones and weren’t able to accept the fact that Google would be producing its own phone. Although there were only marginal differences, since Nexus and Pixel are basically being made by OEMs (minus the logo of the OEM on the phone) but due to the fact that Google really wanted to move ahead by producing its own hardware was just not acceptable for Nexus users.

Google is really looking forward to make Google Pixel 2 the best Android phone on the market. Pixel was launched at a flagship price which meant before it could cover its ground it would have to directly convince the consumers to switch from their current flagships. This approach eventually failed but Google Pixel 2 will change all that. Google Pixel 2 will be manufactured by LG. As we saw LG G6 was one hell of a phone minus its processor. The screen-to-body ratio was just astounding and the camera was right up there with the competition.

Google Pixel 2 is said to carry that same legacy of LG’s brilliance. Google Pixel 2 is said to have really narrow bezels just like LG G6. The display will be bumped up to 5.6 inches at QHD resolution. The aspect ratio will be 18:9. This is the same as LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8. This would translate to a narrow sleek looking phone. Rest of the specs are also flagship worthy as well. Google Pixel 2, as it has appeared in GFXBench, carries a 4GB RAM. The processor is an ocata-core which is running at 2.4GHz which means Google Pixel 2 is powered by Snapdragon 835 (flagship processor of 2017).

Pixel and Nexus users are purists who like to use Android in its original form. They want no launcher or skin by any OEM to be installed to make their phones sluggish when they use. Such users also hate bloatware on their phones. Google also supports Android firmware updates for the longest time on their Pixel phones.

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