HomePod | Smart Speaker That Nearly Does Everything Your Phone Does


Apple has finally taken the wraps off its new smart speaker. Being a direct competitor to Google home, and Amazon Echo, HomePod has to bring up it’s ‘A’ game to the table. There are several features that come in this highly priced package, you get a smart assistant, smart multi-room speaker, and a smart home-hub. The HomePod is priced way more than its competitors, with the highest priced being Google Home at $199.

HomePod features a 4-inch subwoofer, 7 tweeters and 6 mics to listen to your every command. The sound quality of the speaker is amazing. This was expected when Apple took over Beats and got access to one of the best audio tech in the market. Apple has really grown in the sound department and it is pretty evident with their latest smart speaker.

HomePod helps you give it commands just like you would give Siri commands on your phone. When you say “Hey Siri”, a cool wave form lights up on top of the speaker. This is also like the wave you would see when you commence Siri on your phone. HomePod has an A8 chip inside it which helps it deliver neat tricks like echo cancellation and smartly adjusting the sound through an automatic equalizer.

Apple will be implementing HomeKit in the speaker. This will allow the users to control various appliances with just their voice command. Apart from summoning the speaker to tell you the weather, ask questions, ask the score of your team and set reminders and timers, there will be a lot of things you will be able to perform with your voice commands which also including controlling your home.

Apple has certainly priced the speaker really steep and we fail to understand without anything extra special why would the users pay Apple that premium when the competitors are nearly half the price. We only have to wait and watch how Apple makes it the best speaker in the market and how HomePod leaps over its competition i.e. Google Home, Amazon Echo and Sonos.

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