iPad WWDC 2017 | New iPads Have It All


Apple’s new iPads is all that you have always wanted and a whole lot more. Apple has just updated the iPad Pro lineup and there have been two new additions. The first one is an iPad at 10.5 inches and the second one is a huge powerhouse to say the least and comes at a staggering size of 12.5 inches.

Both iPads have a unibody design that hugs the retina display. It seems more refined and much sleeker especially with new slimmer bezels. Year 2017 will be the one where gadgets will start getting rid of the bezels. This is much appreciated as it will gives a modern look and improve the screen real estate all while reducing the overall size of the package.

Apple also introduced their new True Tone panel which is a true performer and it is safe to say it competes with Super AMOLED panels. New panel features wider color gamut, great brightness which peaks at 600 nits and ultra low reflectivity. Apple’s refined screen now supports HDR which is a huge plus knowing most of the gadgets now are HDR supported. True Tone panel has another trick up its sleeve. It has an industry leading refresh rate of 120Hz, which means that it has unparalleled responsiveness especially when using Apple Pencil. The latency is also very low at just 20ms. However, Apple has also included a feature to save battery with all that sheer screen performance. The screen panel has variable refresh rate which gives the user fluid motion whenever needed and saves battery as well when the user is not using iPad for intensive tasks with static images and slow moving content.

New iPads are powered by an all new Apple A10X Fusion chip which has six CPU cores and twelve GPU cores. Apple claims that there is power enhancement in CPU of over 30% and in GPU of over 40% over the previous iteration. New iPads also promise a whopping 10 hours of battery life. The fast charging port helps the new iPads charge quickly and with USB 3.0 the data transfer speeds are really high.

There are also new cameras in the new iPads. Cameras are borrowed from iPhone 7. There is a 12MP sensor at the back with six element lens. The lens has an aperture of f/1.8 with OIS and there is a 7MP camera at front for FaceTime HD.

New iPads will come with iOS 11 and you can make the most of it as the new iOS now supports drag and drop and multi window apps can now be repositioned as well. There are also new cool features for iPad like full sized keyboard, multi select and Apple’s new file system.

New iPads start at $649 for the 64GB one and go all the way up to $1099 for the 512GB model. These prices are without the LTE modem which will cost another $130 on top of it.

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