Snap Map | The Biggest New Feature In Social Media


It has been some time since Snapchat has been in the news. Now there is a good reason for Snapchat to make headlines. Snapchat, the company best known for providing Instagram with innovative ideas (since Instagram has virtually copied everything from Snapchat), has now acquired Zenly, which is a social mapping service. The new feature is called Snap Map which means exactly the way it sounds.

Snapchat has long been looking for a feature that would give it an advantage again over its now arch rival, Instagram. As we all know, Instagram has been copying all features of Snapchat lately, which has slowed down Snapchat’s user base growth. Instagram, with its huge base of users, had taken away a lot of users away from Snapchat. This time around Snapchat came up with a new way to fight back the social media monster. Snap Map is the answer to that. Snap Map will let users look at where their friends are snapping from. Their exact location can be seen on a map. A heat map is also displayed where most of the Snaps are happening from your friends. This way, you can know which place is the most favorite in your social circle or wherever there is an event happening. That heat map can easily let you know.

There are several uses in which you can use the Snap Map. When you click on the thumbnail of a Snap Map user, it will take you directly to their story. You can also turn off your location settings and set privacy to who can view your location. This can be really useful. Location would be removed after a while if the user stays offline for a couple of hours.

We really wish to see Snap Map having more features. Social map sharing is not quite used by a lot of people but we are just a social media breakthrough away from it. AR was not used so widely before Snapchat implemented a fun way of using it. We are hoping people at Snapchat labs are working hard to figure out a fun way of using social media mapping.


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