Sonic Mania | Sonic The Hedgehog’s Return


If you remember those days when you used to fire up your SEGA just to play your favorite Sonic games then you are in luck. SEGA is re-launching its Sonic franchise under the name of Sonic Mania. Sonic has far been one of the most iconic games of the past. It was simply one of those titles that made SEGA what it was back then. It led its industry’s competition.

SEGA however couldn’t capitalize on the strong start of its 2D console and lost the battle when it came to 3D gaming. Dream Cast was way ahead of its time back then but featured just a few titles. Dream Cast failed miserably though and since then SEGA didn’t really come into the competition of consoles. If there were titles like Sonic back then, the way they were launched for SEGA MEGA Drive, it would’ve been a different ball game altogether.

Japanese gaming industry which includes SEGA, Nintendo and Sony, has been really unpredictable and so have been the manufacturers like SEGA. SEGA is now only making games and not consoles. Sonic Mania is another one of its upcoming hits. The trailer has been out for Sonic Mania and shows Act II of the beloved chemical plant stage. This will strike a lot of nostalgic chords with the fans and we at our office can’t wait for it either. There is a remixed soundtrack of the stage as well. We can’t wait to play the real game once it’s out.

Sonic Mania will be hitting the shelves in August for Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Sonic Mania will be launched before Sonic Forces comes out later this year. SEGA has gotten our pulse racing by announcing what can be best described as the game that made SEGA engrave its name in the gaming industry. If SEGA’s efforts take off, we might be seeing a whole lot of other famous SEGA titles come our way as well.

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